There are 5 family members in the Clan and onboard this Juggernaut. Brian is “Dad” and we call him “Chef”. 

He has been “Chefin’ it up” for Mom (Michelle) for 20+ years and counting. Our family believes in Holistic living and Organic practices as much as possible, and that is reflected on the farm. With us, you know the farmer who grew the food—because you know us! (We also locally source—always as local and organic as possible—we use uncured and local meats) Our food is Wood Fired Farm to Face grown on the Plain of Ono! Ono kine yeah.

The proof is in the pudding as they say, no pun intended. Just ask the rest of the crew—we have always worked together. There’s our man Angus, young man Brody, and our young lady Ireland too. All you who know us, know that when you come to our house you’ll be well fed! That’s how we are, that’s how we do—it has to be good enough for us for it to be good enough for you! We love to share the food from our gardens on the farm. We love to cook for family and friends, and nourish and nurture health and wellness. We make bread, we make pizza, and so much more! Periodically, we have a special tableset sit down Pirate Kitchen dinner. We will be all over the Island so join the crew by adding your e-mail and we will update you as to what we are up to, where we will be, and when.


Over the years, we have built brick ovens for both ourselves and others in different places around the USA. But it has taken years to realize, seemingly only by grace and favor at times, our MOBILE brick oven dream. Our Honu trailer took a year of design and creative passion (and the food coming out of it is unbelievable)! It is all quite a unique showcase of some mad skills going on over here, we are blessed with gifts talents and abilities—if we do say so ourselves! Our family can’t do any endeavor without creative passion and vision of beauty and art form— and our family’s energy is felt on everything we do.